Turning off Wi-Fi may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually a great way to increase battery life. By turning off Wi-Fi, your device won’t have to constantly check for updates and notifications. If you’re using your mobile device while traveling, turn off Wi-Fi to conserve power.

Keep Apps Updated
Updating apps regularly helps keep them running smoothly and efficiently. If you don’t update apps frequently, they’ll start to slow down over time. Updates also help ensure that your app is compatible with future versions of iOS.

Disable Location Services
Location services allow your phone to track where you are at any given moment. While location services aren’t always turned off, disabling them can save battery life.

Limit Background App Refresh
Apps that refresh data in the background use lots of battery. When you open an app, it checks if there are any changes to its content. If there are, it refreshes the information. If there aren’t, it doesn’t need to do anything. Disabling background app refresh lets apps only refresh their data when you explicitly ask them to.

Manage Memory Usage
If your phone starts to run out of memory, it will begin to slow down. Apps that take up a lot of space will cause your phone to run slower. Delete unused apps to free up memory.

Change Settings
Changing settings can affect how your phone operates. For example, changing the brightness setting could make your screen brighter, but it might also drain your battery faster. Check your phone’s manual to find out what settings you can change.

Update Software
Software updates are often necessary to fix bugs and improve performance. However, updating software can cause your phone to operate slower. Wait until a major update before downloading and installing new software.

Avoid downloading apps
Make cautious to only download apps that you absolutely need if you’re downloading them. Automatically downloaded apps could use up your battery more quickly than manually downloaded ones.

Maintain a low screen brightness
Your screen’s brightness setting has an impact on how much power your phone needs. When not in use, turn your phone’s brightness down.

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